Back Persija are Under Spotlight, They Cannot Make Any Mistakes Anymore

Persija Jakarta

Tuesday (8/5/18) and then, when the match leg AFC Cup AFC 2018 semi-finals of ASEAN between Home United against Persija lasted a number of minutes, Persija has been seen wrong – not like Persija usually.

Starting from an own goal by Maman Abdurahman, who anticipated a cross, Persija’s defense looked fragile. A few minutes later, the fragility of Persija’s defense is even more subtle: Song Ui-Young, Home United’s home midfielder, successfully passes Maman Abdurahman and Vava Mario Zagalo, a central defender of Persija, and easily before extending the lead for the hosts.

After that, Persija indeed successfully catch up through two goals Ramdani Lestaluhu in the 32nd minute and 49th. Unfortunately, the draw is only held for half an hour. In the 79th minute, H. Nor long range shot successfully convinced the hosts victory. The shot was actually very easy to anticipate, but Darmawan, Persija goalkeeper, did not react to match expectations. He failed to scoop the ball. He worked on blunders at crucial minutes.

Which then becomes a question: a team that has a very tight defense in League 1 season 2017 and then stolen three goals with such techniques, right?

Persija was allowed to argue about the poor performance of their back line in the game. At that time, there was no name Rezaldi Hehanusa, Jaimerson, and Andritany Ardhiyasa, the supporters who created Pesija hard to beat. However, on Tuesday (15/05/2018) tomorrow, in the second leg match seminfinal AFC Cup 2018 ASEAN zone, if you want to qualify for the finals, who also appear in the heart of defense, Persija must win and would be better if they win without theft in the match.

The reason, 1-0 victory is also good to smooth the stage Persija to the final zone of ASEAN. Even so, Stefano Cugurra, coach Persija, do not mengicar victory at least it. He wants his team to win with a bigger score.

“Opportunities to the ASEAN final are still open, we are winning 1-0, but if you want to be more secure you must win more than that,” said Teco, greeting familiar Cugurra, quoted from

That way, in addition to relying on their interpreter, Persija defense was not allowed to play like a week before. Shame bad again just the same as suicide.

Because Jamierson, Rezaldi, and Andritany may still be absent. Persija seems to be going home to rely on Darmawan under the rule, while Maman Abdurahman and Vava Mario Zagalo or Gunawan Dwi Chayo will stand in front of him. Maman himself was prepared for this match, seeing Teco save it when Persija lost to Madura United last weekend.

Questioning the attack, Persija can again rely on the dead balls that became their advantage. If the Home League game organization is as good as in the first leg, the personal abilities of Rico Simanjuntak and Ramdani Lestaluhu can again be used to ruin it. Marco Simic, who in the first leg match a number of times throw opportunities, try to look good on this match. The reason, his ability to break the opponent’s goal will be most reliable.

Meanwhile, Home United themselves quite benefited in this match. The reason, in addition to bagging the victory in the first leg, they also get longer periods of rest. After the first leg match, they did not compete in the domestic arena. That way, they can focus on this match.

In Jakarta later, as teams who have better experience of Persija in AFC Cup title where they have performed a number of eight times, Home United could be playing cautiously. They will concentrate on the defense and will work on the attack when they really find a chance. And like before, they will again rely on the role of Song Ui-young in midfield – this player is really dangerous.

Even so, Persija have a great chance to win this game. After all, they are playing at home, Gelora Bung Karno Main Stadium, Jakarta. In addition, while Persija continues to feel an improvement over the past few years, Home United is not prime enough this season where they remain shattered in the Singapore league. However, once again, there is one important criterion if Persija wants to win and qualify: Persija defense line should no longer appear cluttered.

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