Logic and Common Sense is Nothing When It Comes to The Jak a.k.a JAKMania

The Jakmania is the best supporter in Asia even in the world. So says senior player Persija Jakarta, Bambang Pamungkas, in an interview with the AFC recently. The player who is familiarly called Bepe is grateful for the faithful support of The Jakmania.

As a loyal supporter, where also Persija play, will not rare times there Jakmania accompany favorite team. They are also actractive and not half-half in giving support.

Tuesday (6/3/2018), Persija challenged the Vietnamese representative, Song Lam Nghe An, on the third match day of the 2014 AFC Cup H Club 2014. The club is based in Nghe An province, Vietnam’s largest province with thousands of cities in Vinh.

Among tourists, provinces with borders with Laos are not well known. Lose beken with different cities such as Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, or Da Nang.

However, a number of Jakmania expressed their longing and loyalty to the Kemayoran Macan tribe by visiting Vinh City.

We met a number of them. They were a plane with us, as they headed to Vinh. There Andar and Metal from The Jak Korwil Cengkareng.

“I am issuing Rp5 million for a plane ticket from Jakarta to Vinh, not for accommodation, food and other necessities around in Vinh to go home,” Andar told us.

Beat Logic and Common Sense

Two Fans of Persija Jakarta
Two Fans of Persija Jakarta

In addition to having to spend their own, travel from Jakarta to Vinh also quite time-consuming. The reason, there are no direct flights and must transit a number of times. From Jakarta leading to Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur flies to Ho Chi Minh, just passing the flight to Vinh.

Andar and Metal choose to stay at Hotel Saigon Kimlien, same hotel where Persija players team stay. There, there’s also The Jak, Revelation Bule with his wife.

Both even landed earlier than Andar and Metal. “My wife and I arrived since Monday (5/3/2018),” said Wahyu Bule to us.

For The Jakmania, especially the four men, the longing for Persija does not merely penetrate boundary space and times but logic and common sense. So, no wonder they are willing to accompany Persija to the headquarters of the opponent.

Hope they would want to Marko Simic et al. motivated by presence and direct submission so they can play the best performances and bring home victories.

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