One of The Sportsbooks in Indonesia Considers Riko Simanjuntak Not To Be Seen by The Eyes of PSIS

Persija Jakarta winger Riko Simanjuntak does not want his team to underestimate the Semarang PSIS they will face in the 22nd match of the 1st League Gojek with Bukalapak at the Sultan Agung Stadium, Bantul on Tuesday (09/18/2018). Riko is very concerned about the change in PSIS in the second round of 2018 League 1 and the victory won by Laskar Mahesa Jenar in their last match against PSMS.

Persija is indeed optimistic in fighting PSIS. At the second second meeting in League 1 2018, Persija won 4-1, where Riko Simanjuntak contributed one goal. Oh yes, if you can predict Persija’s victory, you can also appreciate by giving support and bets on your favorite team at

However, Riko Simanjuntak did not want to be overconfident when returning to face PSIS. The existence of Jafri Sastra which handles PSIS in the second round of League 1 2018 processes the game character of Laskar Mahesa Jenar, who in the last match successfully won 3-2 at PSMS Medan.

“Surely they feel a change in the second round. They have the spirit that must be anticipated after winning the last match against PSMS. Of course that is our concern,” said Riko Simanjuntak.

However, Riko asserted that he would still be playing desperately to help the Tigers Kemayoran win all three points judging in the game this time Persija is the host. “We must be able to get points loaded in this home match. We have to concentrate on fixing weaknesses and showing the best game,” said the former Semen Padang player.

Persija Jakarta is currently ranked sixth in the League 1 2018 standings with 33 points from 21 matches. The team nicknamed the Kemayoran Tigers could move to the top three if they successfully won three points from the PSIS who were certainly energetic to kidnap points by rising from the relegation zone.

Riko Simanjuntak is confident of entering the Indonesian national team squad in the AFF 2018 Cup

Persija Jakarta midfielder, Riko Simanjuntak, opts into the Indonesian national team squad which will compete in the 2018 AFF Cup stage. Based on information from Riko, the opportunity to defend the Red and White banner is more exposed than the competition at the last Asian Games.

Riko Simanjuntak entered the Indonesian national team squad in a friendly match against Mauritius, at Wibawa Mukti Stadium, Cikarang, West Java, Tuesday (11/09/2018). In the match, Riko played around 45 minutes.

Riko entered to replace Irfan Jaya at the start of the second half. Riko’s presence can change the direction of the Indonesian national team’s game, especially from the right-wing sector. The Indonesian national team won a 1-0 victory over Evan Dimas’s goal in the 89th minute.

“This competition is more for senior players. Automatic contrasts when compared with yesterday’s Asian Games squad. Surely senior players are better prepared in everything. I myself am optimistic that I can enter the AFF 2018 Cup,” said Riko as quoted by the official Persija Jakarta website. Wednesday (12/09/2018).

Riko Simanjuntak still has time to convince the Indonesian national team coach to put his name in the AFF 2018 Cup squad. That opportunity occurs when the Garuda national team will carry out two trial matches, namely against Myanmar (9/10/2018) and Hong Kong (10/16/2018 )

Riko Simanjuntak Feeling Special Atmosphere when Duel Persija vs. Persib

Persija Jakarta winger, Riko Simanjuntak, for the first time enjoying the atmosphere of the match against Persib Bandung at PTIK Stadium, Jakarta, Saturday (07/30/2018). The petite player who recently joined Persija this season admitted that there were not a few differences he felt when facing Persib compared to other teams.

Persija won narrowly 1-0 when they hosted Persib in the postponed match of the sixth week of Gojek Liga 1 with Bukalapak. In the match, the highest intensity of the game and tension could not heat up much.

The motivation to play all players is also high with extraordinary support from The Jakmania even though the numbers are not too small in the PTIK Stadium tribune. “This is indeed the one time for me to defend Persia against Persib,” Riko said.

“I enjoyed a different aura, after all we succeeded in winning the match. This victory is certainly the most motivating for us,” he continued.

“The atmosphere is the most different. All players look so motivated to try on the field. All work hard and the whole shows if we really want to win.”

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