The Cancellation of The Match Against Persebaya Surabaya

The big clash happened between the supporters of Persija Jakarta, The Jakmania, with the elements of the supporters of Persebaya Surabaya, Bonek, happened at Sultan Agung Stadium, Bantul, Sunday (3/6/2018) noon to night local time.

Persija and Persebaya which is scheduled to compete in the 12th week game Gojek League 1 2018 together Bukalapak. But happened the most horrendous situation karna of both supporters bonek and jakmania they throw each other rock and splashing clash.

Because of this condition, the organizing committee, Sapto Priyono, admitted the cancellation of the match was held after the lack of security guarantees from the police. “The occurrence of clash between supporters and the lack of warranty of the police, creating a match can not continue,” he said.

Manager Persebaya, Chairul Basalamah, when visited at the stadium judge there are as many things that are odd in the cancellation. “This match tonight Persija will play without as many players, later fitting in their reschedule (reschedule) so complete, right?” Basalamah said.

The man who is familiarly called Abud said it would agree only canceled the match held with the criteria line up players tonight the same as the rescheduled game lineup.

Because it not only cause distrust on the side Surabaya, victims who arise impact both supporters clashed it was quite a lot. The match was supposed to be aired by Indosiar Television in collaboration with Agen Sbobet Terbaik in Indonesia.

From the data collected from the PMI Bantul, dozens of supporters and residents became victims in the dispute. On average they feel the impact wound hit by a stone throw. The victims felt the wound on the forehead, nose, and impact head hit by a stone throw.

Dozens of victims were also treated in five locations of sick living in Bantul district or not far from the venue. Some of them are already allowed to go home.

The following is the sum and data of all disputed survivors treated at the sick location:

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The names of the wounded
Rahma Husada Hospital Bantul (4 people)

Ahmad Risqi Tri – South Jakarta
Muh Faisal Faqi – Tangerang
Agus Tamani – East Jakarta
Ari – Depok
KB Bantul Hospital (1 person)

Latif – Central Jakarta
Panembahan Senopati Bantul Hospital (12 people)


Farhan Aldino – West Jakarta
Fajar Sodik – South Jakarta
Kurniawan – West Jakarta
Endang – West Jakarta
Defa – West Jakarta

Junior Subastiyan – Surabaya
Nuriski – Pasuruan
Farid Frateo Utomo – Surabaya
Ahmad Riko Ardianto – Pasuruan
Yudo – Yogyakarta (residents)
Arif kurnuawan – Surabaya
Furman Aju Prabowo – Surabaya
Nur Hidayah Bantul Hospital (10 people)

Irwansyah – Gresik
M.Latief – Jakarta (Jakmania supporter)
Ardiansyah – Surabaya
Putri Intan – Surabaya
Yoga Mahendra – Sidoarjo
Wahyu – Surabaya
Priska Ayu – Surabaya
Icha – Surabaya
Dimas – Surabaya
Muchlis – Sidoarjo
Note: All of them are published from the location of the sick stay

Hospital PKU Bantul (6 people)

Firman Aji Prabowo – Surabaya
Arif Kurniawan – Surabaya
Nur Risqi – Pasuruan
Farid Fatiya – Surabaya
Yoga Abimayu – South Jakarta
Slamet Supriyadi – Nganjuk

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